Why do I need a maintenance retainer?

14th September 2015 /// Posted by Jonny Bradford

We are often asked about ongoing costs and maintenance for the websites we produce. As part of all our proposals we include an option to take on a web retainer which brings some serious value to your business online. Below we have broken down a list of services covered in our basic retainer.

1) SecurityWe scan all web files for malicious code that may have creeped in. The most common problem we are seeing is code injection from bots trying to profit from our customers web traffic.

2) Advanced HostingKota have a dedicated cloud server. Our sites are hosted giving us full control over any issues that may arise and meaning we don’t have to rely on anyone else.

3) Reporting and AnalyticsWe make sure your website is constantly evolving and working for your business. After your site is put live, we analyse your statistics and deliver you a report each month with suggestions. We cut through the technical jargon and deliver an easy to read report.

4) Search Engine OptimisationGoogle is constantly updating it’s algorithm to keep us on it’s toes. The days are gone of a few sneaky techniques to rise to position 1 over night. It’s important that we stay up to date and implement the necessary changes into the website. If your site isn’t conforming with Google’s recommendations then you will quickly lose ratings or possible even been blacklisted. See here how we got The Halo Group to No1 for ‘Creative Events Agency‘.

5) Back ups We back up our client sites on a daily basis to ensure the website is never lost. At any point, we can revert your site to a certain version should you require.

6) Cross Browser FixesIf you are Chrome user, you may never even realise the Browser updating in the background. Good for you…..not for us web developers! We need to keep on our feet as a browser release can seriously effect how the website is displayed. Not forget Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera…..you get the idea!

7) SpeeeeeeeeeedWe monitor your website speed to ensure a user has the best experience possible. Using Google Speed Test, we analyse and optimise to ensure your website is well optimised and fast.

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