Website Launch: The Female Lead

20th March 2017 /// Posted by Jonny Bradford

We are delighted to announce our latest website launch:

The Female Lead is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making women’s stories more visible and offering alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture. Founded by data pioneer and entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, the project highlights the breadth of female achievement in order to offer inspiration for future generations.

Edwina Dunn, The Female Lead Founder & Date Entrepreneur, said: On behalf of all of us at The Female Lead, I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job in crafting our website, under difficult circumstances and timeframes – with immense good will and integrity. You have gone above and beyond in delivering a brilliant website and the end result is truly superb. The launch was a massive success and it shone on the night (and withstood all the interest and online action!). So thank you all. Your team did a fantastic job and have been a pleasure to work with. I am sending you 2 copies of the book (one hard copy, one paperback) as a small thank you and will be happy to recommend you to all we meet.

Check out the website here –

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