Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Food Marketing Campaign

11th September 2017 /// Posted by Jonny Bradford

The end of August 2017 saw the release of Jamie Oliver’s new hit cook book ‘5 Ingredients’. However our partnership with Jamie started way back in January when we were commissioned by Penguin Books to create the digital advertising campaign for this release.

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The book centres on the concept of using just 5 main ingredients for each dish and has a very stripped back, minimal aesthetic. Our main concepts for the campaign were also based on the idea of simplicity. The creative for the “Out of Home” advertising played with the idea of deconstructing the dishes, showing the 5 ingredients in their original form, next to a half plate of the finished meal. The audience instantly connects the 5 ingredients with the dish, whilst also delivering an alternative visual to past Jamie Oliver creatives.

The creative for social media and online advertising was based around the concept of using one of the most primitive forms of number recognition; the 5 fingers on the hand. Again by using a simple visual solution to count, the audience can instantly make the connection that there are just the 5 ingredients that go into the dish. This was a great solution for social media as many users do not watch video or gifs with the sound on.

Our ‘deconstructed dishes’ and ‘hand 5’ campaigns were rolled out across out of home D6 formats, social media and online gifs and video, MPU’s and Youtube advertising videos.

The Youtube pre-roll campaign creative needed to appeal to a younger, male audience. One of our original concepts when pitching to Jamie, was to use the 5 ingredients in a slot machine style setting, where each pull on the slot delivered a new set of ingredients and therefore a new dish. We delivered this idea as a solution to a 30 second YouTube advert. Working closely with CGI artist Andy Overton, we filmed a scene in Jamie’s kitchen that we then added a bread bin-come-slot machine created in Cinema 4D. Slightly tongue in cheek, and a bit of fun, but ultimately still delivering the 5 ingredient concept in a very simple visual form.

At the time of posting, 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food has been number 1 in the UK for 5 weeks. Jamie notched up his best ever first week sales total  of over 36,000 copies and 5 Ingredients has outsold his previous fastest-selling title (Jamie’s Ministry of Food in 2008) by a whopping 9%. The cookbook’s 245,745 copies sold places it at number 4 in the list of bestselling 2017 books to date.

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