Ed’s Instagram: Brick Lane Street Art

29th September 2015 /// Posted by Ed Shropshire

With our studios being positioned just off Brick Lane in East London, we here at Kota HQ are constantly surrounded by street art painted by some of the best street artists in the world. The nature of the beast means great works are only temporary and our surroundings are constantly changing.

I set up an Instagram account when we first moved to our studio in November 2014 and decided to use it to document the ever changing street art landscape, in and around the Brick Lane area. I take all these photos on my walk to work.

Because Brick Lane has become known as one of the major stops for any street artist who comes to London, it isn’t just local talent you can see on the walls and door ways. Internationally renowned artists who’s works I’ve seen in many other European cities such as Berlin and Budapest, are here on our back door step.

Artists featured on the account so far include: Ben Slow, Core246, Paul Don Smith, Belgian artist ROA, Elian/Alexis Diaz from Argentina and Puerto Rico respectively, Australian Adnate, Brazillian Cranio, and C215.

See my account here and start following: www.instagram.com/meandthemannequins

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