Collage Art by James

16th September 2015 /// Posted by Ed Shropshire

Here at KOTA we love all things design. It’s what drives and inspires us so we’re pleased to show off our Creative Director’s ‘bit on the side’ with his collage art.

“Outside work, my main passion is digital collage. For me, it is almost like a kind of meditation – I find myself zoning out from the real world and becoming totally immersed.

His work channels an eclectic mix of the past and the future. Images where ancient cultures and religions sit alongside space and future oddities mixed up with symmetry and a whole load of textures.

Last December we saw James exhibit his work for the first time with The West London Art Factory.

“It was such an amazing thing to be part of especially when my pieces were up next to amazing artists such as Fin Dac and Carne Griffith – people I’ve admired for years”

You can check out more of his work via his website:

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