Brazilian Restaurant Chain Preto got a Kota Style Re-Brand.

21st March 2018 /// Posted by Jonny Bradford

Preto Rodizio is a 9 strong Brazilian restaurant chain with venues in and around the London area. We were approached by Preto to do a full re-brand and also to design and build a new contemporary website.

We wanted to modernise and simplify the Preto Rodozio logo. Our first suggestion was to drop the ‘Rodizio’ as we felt the brand could be confused with other Rodizio venues. The chosen logo was stripped right back, simply modifying the current typeface used, and creating a more balanced logo by making the ‘p’ lowercase. The logo now felt more in keeping with a high street restaurant chain.

The colour palate and decorative elements were inspired by Copa Cabana but have a modern, bold feel. The coloured waves are applied across a variety of mediums, from business cards to interior walls and exterior windows. The multicolour palate creates a tropical, summery vibe. These colours and elements would be transferred to the forthcoming website.

For new imagery, we came up with the art direction and then collaborated with London based photographer Steve Franc. The nature of the Rodizio style restaurant means there aren’t technically complete dishes to be photographed as it is a buffet and carved meat style feast environment. We split the photo shoots into two scenarios.

A studio style table feast set up to capture the colours and textures of the food from a birds-eye view, and then an evening service setting where we captured the meats being carved at a group table. For the studio set up we wanted to capture the textures of the meats, accompanied by the colourful salads and condiments the customers will find in the buffet, with a hint of rustic but summery setting.

The evening service shoot was to capture the atmosphere and bustle of the restaurant and to showcase how the servers carved the meats at the table, without it feeling too staged but instead giving the sense of movement and merriment.

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